​​Baby Ballet                                

Ages 3 and 4 years old. Emphasis is on imaginative and creative movement, story telling and play. Building communication, co-ordination and listening skills.

Pre Primary      

Ages 4-5.  Basic ballet steps and creative movement. Becoming a more structured class.


Primary Syllabus work, with a view to take the examination at approximately 6 years old.

Ballet Grades 1-6

The grade examinations are taken at the teacher's discretion. The age they are taken depends on the speed at which the pupil learns the syllabus, theory and a dance. It also depends on the pupil's physique, musicality and sense of performance. Pupils entering for grade three and above will be encouraged to take two classes a week. The candidates enter the exam in pairs. Grade 6 is equal to a GCSE, and is a fantastic level to reach. The majority of our pupils reach this level.

Ballet Standards 1-6

Standard examinations are a less formal procedure. The examiner will watch the pupils in a class environment along with their teacher. These exams are ideal for pupils who only come to one class a week.

Ballet Vocational levels

There are vocational examinations into which we enter pupils with an aptitude for Ballet and a strong technique. Intermediate foundation and Intermediate levels are taught, and exams can be taken.



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